Some important things you need to know!

So you’ve heard about the OZWAC Research foundation but don’t really know what its all about? Here is some facts and information about how OZWAC has contributed to women and children’s medical research in Western Sydney.


1.    OZWAC purchased a 4D ultra sound scanner used solely for research at  Nepean Hospital.  This has helped specialists to understand the complications in pregnancy and better manage pregnancies at risk.

 2.    OZWAC purchased a Blood Gas Machine which measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. This has helped specialists improve the management of all babies born at Nepean Hospital.

 3.   The Number of babies born at Nepean Hospital per year is approximately 4,500 with the numbers growing as the population in the area grows.


4.    In 2017 , 103 babies born at Nepean Hospital weighed less than 1.5kg.


5.    A baby’s potential weight at 25 weeks gestation is 400-600 grams.


6.    Due to advances in research into the care of premature babies the survival rate of babies born at 25 weeks gestation is now around 80%.


7.   The Number of babies in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Nepean Hospital can be up to 40 at any one time.


8.    Potential stay for extremely premature babies in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit is up to 4 months.


9.    Nepean Hospital Maternity and NICU ranked in top 3 in Australia.


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Jacinta Cremona