Brilliant young minds lead the way in medical research

At the recent Nepean Clinical School as part of the University of Sydney, OZWAC – The Australian Women & Children’s Research Foundation awarded four research grants totalling $56,240.00 to very talented young medical people.

Dr Katherine Williams’ research project will focus on the impact of obesity on pregnancy health with a study measuring the impact of low oxygen levels on mother and baby.  This can lead to adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes.

Julian Ravenstorff’s  research project will examine the interplay between diet and the immune system which has major implications for long term health.

Dr Kumar will research the impact of the use of radiant warmers to monitor and maintain neonatal heat balance in premature babies.  The research aims to improve the management of premature babies and improve the outcomes for families.

Dr Alison Poulton will research the effects of Stimulant Medication used in the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity discord (ADHD) on cardiovascular health.

All of these talented young people are highly motivated and will lead the way to improving the health care in our community.

OZWAC would greatly appreciate community support to fund additional research projects and donations can be made via the OZWAC web site  Donation of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

Jacinta Cremona